Windows Media Player Plugin Firefox

A media player for the Firefox browser that allows users to simultaneously play media while browsing the web

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    5.8 (130)

Windows Media Player Plugin is an application that lets you browse with Tunes. If you listen to music while surfing the internet, this is the perfect software program for you. It's pretty common to want to listen to music while visiting social media sites or reading articles online. The downside of listening to music while doing these other activities is that you have to have your music player open in the background. With Windows Media Player, you can do both at once.

This software program proves how significant plugins actually are. The application works by placing a smaller version of Windows Media Player in your browser so that you can ultimately control the music without having to constantly use the alt-tab option. The downside of this application is that some plugin support will be dropped during 2017 and there is no support for 64-bit Firefox. Despite these issues, this is still an excellent app to have because it is basically like having access to music with a remote control.

Windows Media Player is an exceptional addition to Firefox. If you are not an advanced user, it might take a bit of figuring out before you get the hang of how to use the software. However, there are guides available that will ultimately help guide you through the process and make figuring everything out a little bit simpler. Although there is a lack of support for this software, it provides a handy way to browse and listen to tunes at the same time.


  • You can control your music from your browser.
  • There is no fee required to gain access to the software.
  • No alt-tabbing is required.


  • There is no support for 64-bit Firefox and some plugin support will be dropped in 2017.

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